Monday, 24 May 2010

Simca sleeping outside Terrasson-Lavilledie

Many thanks to Raymond van Donk for this beauty, taken in the
Dordogne region of France on the N89 outside a bric-a-brac
shop on the outskirts of Terrasson-Lavilledieu

Sleeping Minx, Trjntje, is given the kiss of life

Thanks to Andre Koster who says ... 'This is Trijntje a Hillman Minx
3A Deluxe Saloon. Built in England in 1959, exported to Tsjechiƫ,
sold to a Dutch trader in 1994. Kept in a barn till 2002. I woke her
and now go to classic meetings with her and a 41-year old caravan'

Monday, 17 May 2010

Trisha is given the kiss of life ...

Many thanks to Jay Foster of Club Triumph for these four
great photos of his TR7 sleeping beauty, Trisha, before
and after restoration. If you're thinking of buying a TR7, don't
miss this Essential Buyer's Guide coming soon from Veloce.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Our 100th posting has classical beauty

Peugeot Darl'Mat shown here in the collection of Arlette
Schlumpf, now kept unrestored in the museum of Peter Mullin.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Beauty having a rest on a farm in France

Will Koorn spotted this Massey Ferguson 135 sleeping in France.

World War II beauty in Parma, Italy

Thanks to Gabriele Lalatta Costerbosa for this shot of his sleeping
beauty in Montechiarugolo, Parma, Italy. It's a WWII Ford GPW

Bond sleeping peacefully in Adversane ...

Thanks to Stan Cornock of The Bond Owners' Club for these two
shots of a Bond Minicar Mark C resting in an Adversane scrap yard.
And, as she looks now, restored by club member Rex Grogan ...

A 1955 advert for the Bond Minicar Mark C

Beauty taking a long sleep in the sunshine

Thanks to Ton Lohman in Namibia for this colourful contribution

Beauty lay under a sheet for thirty years

Thanks to Lee Doxey for this shot of a rare UK model rotary engined
Suzuki which lay under a sheet in a back garden for over 30 years.
And has now been restored to be a Vintage Japanese 1st place
show winner in Feb 2011. Thanks for the update Lee .... jk